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Breaking Barriers is an advocacy group raising awareness for mental health and breaking the stigma of speaking up about struggles. We specialize in the stigma surrounding sports culture. Mental health is a pressing issue that often gets pushed aside but we demand to focus our immediate attention on this crisis. 


Our mission is to address, fundraise, and advocate for the support of mental health for others around the globe. We hope to elevate the voices of those who have and are suffering and help others understand how to support them. We plan to begin these conversations through our method of EXPRESS, EDUCATE, AND COMBAT. 

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We believe that everyone should have a space to speak openly about their mental health experiences/struggles without worrying about being judged or viewed as weak. The goal is to give others a platform to help amplify their voices/needs and empower each other. We are passionate about starting “uncomfortable” (but necessary) conversations. 

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We hope by sharing personal stories/statistics/lessons, people will learn to understand the mental crisis we are in and how to move forward in supporting oneself and others. For our athletes we will bring light to the many issues/struggles that student athletes specifically face, raising awareness to break the stigma of mental health in athletic culture so outsiders can have a glimpse of their experiences. We hope to give athletic programs, clubs, and society a different perspective on the student-athlete lifestyle. We are passionate about creating a community that is constantly challenging each other to learn and grow together. 

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The silent crisis of mental health should instill a passion in one's heart for change. Our mission is to bring that passion into everyone's lives and translate it into a willingness to fight. To fight the stigma every single day for oneself, loved ones, athletes, those who cannot fight for themselves, and each other. 

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